Product Details:


  • Stylized ottoman

    Wide heavy Gauge links Built-in Articulating Elevated Mid-Ottoman

  • Geometrically balanced

    Geometry used to balance chair operation

  • Handle/lever activated&gravity operated

    Handle/lever used for release only

  • Direct drive with double locks

    Direct Drive with double Over-center-locks

  • Minimum stackup

    Flatter links supporting chair wider base mounting points

  • Flanged links for stabilzer tubes

    Heavy flanges on links in instead of tube

  • Large diameter cross tubes

    Large diameter tubes instead of formedstraps

  • Extended life rivet joints

    Acetal and Bronze rivet bushings

    Nylon stop pin bushings

  • Interchange ablity with omega recliners


  • Strength, durability, and safety

  • Maximum safety and comfort

  • consistent and easy operation for any person

  • ease of operation & comfort

  • Maximum synchronization of sides. Positive locking of both sides

  • Greater bending resistance

  • greater sability and strength 

  • Maximum strength stability and side-to-side

  • Reduced wear and increased dura-bility

  • Reduced noise

  • One Frame


  • Profile shape designed for safety and appearance without pinch points.

    Articulating design allows use of wider & higher mid-ottoman for elimination of entrapment areas and for leg support.

  • Occupant's weight used to balance operatopm omstead of springs.

    Therefore, the opening, closing, ottoman firmness, and back balance while reclining vary with the weight of the occupant.

    Marking the operation consistent from one person to the next.

    Springs are used for locking and the initial start of the opening.

  • Occupant's weight opens chair, handle/lever only unlocks mechanism.

    Slight footrest pressure closes ottoman.

  • Square drive tube connects to and controls both left & right sides.

  • Improved weight capacity and durability(250 pound occupant weight)

    Mechanism base width is closer to seat width while maintaining sufficient clearance between links to eliminate possibility of interference.

  • Eliminates problems with flexing and breaking of tube end at bend. flange is on heavy gauge link instead of the lighter gauge tube which can flex and break.

  • Unique design of flattened tube end maximizes torsional strength unlike non-tubular cross members which have no sign of can't torsional strength.

  • All rivet joints have either acetal(Delrin)or Bronze bushings and acetal spacers to eliminate any steel-to-steel contact No metal-to metal noises when links contact stop pins.

  • All Recliners are interchangeable in the same frame if the frame is constructed for Rocker and Two-Motor Lift.